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 Our Story


         In the years leading up to the doors of Alberto’s Cantina opening, Alberto always wanted to share the dishes he had grown up eating in Monterrey, Mexico. After being in the car business for years and meeting his wife Linda they decided to take the plunge. So with family and friends behind them, they found the perfect location on Main Street in Pleasanton, California. A historical building that needed to be refurbished. A whole new menu would be created using only the finest authentic Mexican recipes, and a whole new drink menu that would reshape how people enjoyed margaritas.


      After months of building, restoring and creating everything to the glory that would be Alberto’s Cantina the doors opened on March 13th, 1992. Opening on Friday the 13th was an auspicious start to a restaurant that no one thought would make it. Now many years later it is still a family affair. From the menu made up of family members’ names and recipes that were created in Alberto and Linda’s kitchen before it ever made it to the menu. Alberto has done everything at the restaurant, he has fixed every inch of the cantina to keep it sparkling as you see it. From the floor to the ceiling and everything in between has been the designing efforts of Linda, who changes something every time she comes in.


Every one of Alberto and Linda’s children has worked at the cantina in one facet or another. Alberto Jr. created the margaritas that everyone has come to know and love. Dana worked as a waitress and manager before having the beautiful Chloe and Nolan (See the kids menu). Keeli was one of the liveliest cocktail waitress to ever put on an apron and still is. Jared worked as a cook before becoming a manager and creating the famous Jared’s Stumbling Coyote margarita. Their youngest, Austin worked as the host with the most for many years before becoming a manager. Every single staff member is an extension of our family and they are the best in the business. From the moment we opened our doors we have loved this restaurant and the people who have dined with us. From hot August nights to cold winter days we are here to serve you with a smile.

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